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How are the art tiles created?
    The technique has been perfected with new glazing and firing technology.  The art tile is a team effort between the original artist , tile artist and tile technician. The art tile begins with original artwork and a blank clay tile. The artists first  draw the art work onto the clay tile , and then paint layers of glazes with different brushes similar to oil paintings on canvas. After the natural drying process the art technicians fire the tiles with several cycles of slow heating and cooling which matches the specific glazes color with the original art over a 24 hour period. Crazing, the find crack lines in tile, is a natural effect cause by the firing process due to the expandable  nature of the various glazes and clay tile. This does not impact the beauty or strength of the tile. The backings may be removed by soaking them in water over 24 hours if you would like to use them in a backsplash.
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